to an epic virtual experience, full of all the

inspiration, connection, buzz and excitement

of a real-life event.

Explore. Learn. Connect.

SMART 360: an epic virtual experience full of all the inspiration, connection, buzz and excitement of a real-life event.

This is not just another webinar series or conference. It's so much more. SMART 360 is a growing, evolving experience built for educators, innovators and leaders in #EdTech and #BizTech – everywhere and anywhere.

Education Auditorium and Exhibit Hall

Discover blended learning approaches from classrooms around the world. Spanning lesson creation and delivery, assessment, gamification, and collaborative workspaces.

A Business Pavillion

Business Auditorium (with Business On-Demand Content) & Business Exhibit Hall.

Explore the latest trends and research on employee engagement, strategies for workplace experience that improves business outcomes and cost-efficient solutions that build employee and company productivity.

Networking Lounge

Our Networking lounge provides the opportunity for attendees to interact with us and other attendees while in the platform, and connect with us through our eternal media channels - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and SMART Blog.

Have Fun During Events

Our Leaderboard and Scavenger Hunt activities give all attendees a full experience of having fun during conferences and all other events within the platform and most importantly, win 1 of several prizes!

With our Scavenger Hunt, attendees are on the look out for all 9 SMART Monsters. Find as many that are spread out within the platform, and you increase your chances of winning a prize.

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